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Paul Hansmeier is an attorney.  He had me served me with a complaint in August of 2013.  It was the only contact I had received from him or his client, Eric Wong, so I did an Internet search for his name.

I found a lot of information about Mr. Hansmeier, and I also found that he had not registered as a domain name, so I registered it, thinking he might want it later.
What I did find was startling.  Mr. Hansmeier seems to have a wide variety of interests.  Pornography, piracy, coupons, disabled Americans, and computer audits.

Here's a March 2013 article that appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune.

He has worked in California, Illinois, and Minnesota, at least.  His main effort appears to be with Prendra Law.    
Pendra was eventually sanctioned by a California judge, who fined Prenda.  Perhaps some of Mr Hansmeier's legal settlements are going to pay past fines.

Quote from the Prenda Law article at Wikipedia:
"Commentators writing for Salon,[23] Law360,[5] JETLaw journal,[24] Forbes,[25] The Consumerist,[26] and The Register[16] described the business as a copyright troll or as "notorious" for trolling, while tech website Ars Technica described the judge as coming at the firm and its principals "like a tornado".[27]"

In my case, I was served by an organization called Class Justice.  This seems to be Mr. Hansmeier and perhaps some employees.  The Secretary of State lists it as an LLC, not a non-profit.

When he eventually filed my case, he did it quickly, without the required notice, giving me just two days to prepare.  I filed an answer for myself and for two of my tenants.

He filed the case in state court, as he has done with some others.  Some have been moved to Federal court.
In the first hearing, Judge Mel Dickstein, held a brief hearing and informed me that I could not represent my tenants, so I hired Patrick Downing, an attorney.  Patrick's telephone number is 952 807 8652.

The Minnesota Attorney General's office is investigating Mr. Hansmeier.  I received a call from Jacob Kraus.  His telephone is 651 757 1454.

Complaints can be filed with the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility.

Hansmeier's firm is Class Justice PLLC.  Email is or .  Telephone is 612-326-9081.

Wong Deposition from February, 2014.  In the deposition, Wong says that Hansmeier's employees drove him through the neighborhood, looking for businesses that didn't comply (page 15 and following pages in the deposition).

WCCO News Report  from July 6, 2015.

Nominated for being disbarred or suspended.  November 16, 2015.  Star Tribune.

Banruptcy proceedings   December 3, 2015.  Star Tribune

Lost a case in Federal Court.  February 25, 2016.  Star Tribune.

Hansmeier's Law License Suspended   July 3, 2016